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Your home should feel luxurious, personal and edited, meet needs for both family and guests, and be an inviation to the lifestyle you desire. 

Miles and Kirk Design LLC is based in Chattanooga Tennessee and focuses on full-scale residential design, creating beautiful spaces that reflect the loves and personality of you and your family. Our team's goal is to provide the perfect backdrop for your life and all that is in it.


As most of our clients are busy with careers and family, we are very respectful of your time and needs.  From day one, you will know what to expect from our services. From the initial conversations, to the proposal, to the last piece of furniture placed, our process is simple and supportive.  

Being able to define your needs or style may be difficult to you!  We keep an extensive design library, and know the questions to ask. During this discovery time, we will work to find your goals, and you will have the time needed to get to know us and if we are a great fit for your project.  You may invite us to begin a working relationship from there. To schedule a conversation, please submit a "design request" and either Christie or Ryan will contact you soon.


"Ryan and Christie have been instrumental in transforming our house into our dream home. They have used their expertise to incorporate our style into design that truly reflects us. From finding the perfect pieces of art to loading up their car to test items that would look just right, they focus on making the process easy and enjoyable. We’ve been able to give them access to the house while we were away and came back to wallpaper installed and furniture delivered. The experience we’ve had with Miles and Kirk has been flawless and we look forward to many more projects with them."

                                                                                - River Canyon Homeowner

"I can now say after hiring Miles and Kirk that it was the best decision we made. There is no way we could have made all of the decisions and make our house look as beautiful as it is without them. They literally selected all of our interior & exterior finishes. Furthermore, they respected our budget and the budget we allotted towards design and helped us to select everything within that budget. All we can say now is we love our house. We love the floors. We love the tile. We love the trim. We love the paint colors. We love everything they selected. Miles and Kirk are money well spent for any home owner."

                                                                                - Grandview Homeowner

"After moving to Chattanooga, I felt like a fish out of water.  I loved my home, but it wasn't me.  I didn't feel comfortable or a connection.  Christie and Ryan completely revamped the entire house with simple changes- wallpaper, paint, light fixtures- and adding pillows and accessories here and there.  They changed the feel of the entire house.  I love coming home everyday."                                     

                                                                                -Frog Lake Homeowner



Christie Miles Denton



Ryan Kirk Kopet


Christie Miles Denton graduated with a degree in interior design from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga in 2005. Christie's design background is varied: she has partnered with local architects on whole house design, designed rugs in Dalton GA, lighting plans for local electricians and homeowners, and, as always, continues to create inviting and layered interiors for her thankful clients.  Christie prides herself on her eye for color and being able to adapt to each clients styles and needs.  

Christie resides on Signal Mountain with her husband Nathan and two daughters Caroline and Charlotte.  Her family has been on Signal Mountain for generations and she can tell you crazy stories about Signal and Chief Sequoia you won't hear anywhere else.

Ryan Kirk Kopet graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a degree in political science, and, as she likes to joke, a degree in golf having been a Lady Vol golfer, in 2005.  After years of sales, school admissions and marketing, she began renovating houses and working with customers on interiors.  With a background in architecture from both Auburn University and University of Tennessee Knoxville, Ryan prides herself on staying historically accurate and enhancing the construction while bringing spaces to modern expectations.  She loves people, and wants her clients to find joy at home.

Ryan resides in Chattanooga with her husband Brian and two daughters Kate and Anna.  Her kids are loud and always on the move.  She forces them to listen to bluegrass and surf music and hopes they will one day appreciate it.

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