08  /  31  /  2020

Miles and Kirk: 2020 First Impressions from Next CityScope Article



CityScope Magazine's upcoming issue features an article on "First Impressions."  Below is the Miles and Kirk response.  Please click image to open a large, readable, PDF.  


RE  For Your Review - CityScope Fall - F

07  /  02  /  2020

Miles and Kirk: Cityscope 2020 On Trend

When Miles and Kirk was asked to speak about 2020 Trends by Cityscope magazine in Chattanooga, TN, the following was their response. 


Homeowners and clients are seeing the value in well-planned spaces, especially now that our homes are both offices and classrooms.  


The multi-functional trend does not mean drab! While using a kitchen island or breakfast room as a coffee friendly work area, do not leave out your dining room.  A well-executed dining room can function as a chic and luxurious library, office, or sitting area- while allowing families to use more of their square footage daily.  There should be no under utilized spaces in your home!


One quick way to transform and de-clutter your multipurpose space is to skirt a table. Able to hide cords, printers, file boxes, etc, a table skirt adds instant design and softness without purchasing new furniture. Look for fabrics and trims that make you feel excited to be in the space.