09  /  01  /  2020

On Estate Sales

We are often asked about estate sales, so we decided to write a blog post! Happy shopping!


Some would say an estate sale is a definite don’t, but we are here to tell you that they are a definite do. Estate sales offer up things that YOU, the buyer, will recognize as a both a deal and a treasure. Learning estate sale rules is absolutely important for your success and appreciation for this weekend adventure.  


1. Only go to good estate sales.  How in the world do you know they are happening, and what makes one “good,” you say?  Estatesales.net.  Bookmark this site and go there every Wednesday for the weekend sales.  Estatesales.net allows you to enter your location and search the nearby events easily.  Tip—after you have searched your location, scroll down to the “Featured Sales” in your area.  It will show the sales that vendors have deemed worthy of the extra advertisement. Think of it as a paired down search.   



2. Have a plan.  What are you looking for?  Do you need accessories?  Case goods?  China or silver? This type sale is a colossal waste of time if you do not know what you are searching for.  If you have a goal, scrolling through posted sale images on the website will go faster. While scrolling photos, you'll know quickly if this sale is beneficial to you. At Miles and Kirk, we are always on a hunt for coral pieces, china, artwork and outdoor furniture.  Dining tables and chairs are typically a deal. 


3. Get there early or on time. You have now invested time in searching for your item.  This is not the Neiman Marcus website; there is only one item.  If you are late to the game, you are going to lose it.  Do not dilly dally, walk straight to it, or ask an estate sale employee to tell you which room it is in.   Some sellers will allow you to mark items sold and not expect you to carry them around.  For example, if there is a buffet you are interested in, it is definitely not a carry-around piece. Contact the company beforehand and ask the protocol for marking something sold.  Some companies will allow you to purchase the item pre-sale. 


4. Be leery of upholstered pieces.  Upholstery work is expensive.  Most often, you will not know the home you are buying from or what went on there.  Unless you plan on completely reworking an upholstered piece, leave it there.  If you need help with re-upholstering a find, let us know. 


5. Do not be afraid to ask.  If there is something you love but want to make an offer, do not be afraid to ask.  Most all estate sale companies allow you to leave a bid.  On the last day of the sale, if the item still remains, they may contact you and work out a purchase.  Oftentimes, we will make a bundle offer on art.  


6. Don’t be scared; just be smart!  



Lines at Recent Estate Sale

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Art at Recent Estate Sale

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